Core Values

ZERO harm can be achieved when a team is built on a culture that prioritizes personal accountability and promotes proactive safety habits. 

The long-term business success of PVT depends on its ability to operate safely, to continually improve the quality of service to customers and to protect the environment in which operations are conducted. PVT believes that safety must be a core value and has adopted this policy to promote a safety culture within the organization. All business decisions are tested against the following policy to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. 

A simple way to remember the PVT Safety Vision is to remember "LIFE":

  • Live
  • Incident
  • Free
  • Everyday
All PVT employees are responsible for working together to achieve ZERO harm, to watch out for the employee next to them and to hold one another accountable to the highest standard possible when it comes to safety. PVT demonstrates its appreciation for the value of safe operations by understanding three simple truths:
  • Do not do it unless it can be done safely. 
  • Follow established rules and practices, including those communicated by customers to avoid injuring employees, co-workers or neighbors. 
  • Care about the safety of co-workers and customers by proactively looking out for one another. 
Production Pad


PVT Group is one of the largest privately-held oilfield service companies in Western Canada, serving a wide variety of oil and gas as well as agricultural clients. Firmly established with a wealth of logistics expertise, PVT Group offers customized products and services to the stimulation, fracturing, fluids, production, sand, grain and fertilizer hauling needs of customers throughout Western Canada. 

PVT Group believes that quality is not an act, it is a habit: this philosophy is reflected in every aspect of the company. A culture of continuous improvement has been built on accountability and empowering employees to be problem solvers. An emphasis on teamwork and integrity combined with exceptional customer planning within the organization ensures the highest quality service for clients. Finally, the team’s strong work ethic guarantees consistent and effective solutions to satisfy customer needs and set PVT Group apart from competitors.